Blog with stories Module for CMS PrestaShop

#blog,forum & news

Developed for CMS
Compatible with versions - 1.7.8
Last update
The Blog with Stories module allows you to create a full-fledged blog with stories in your own online store. With its help, you will not only be able to tell more about your products, but also attract new customers.
The cost of a license for
using 1 product
55,20 €

Benefits for Merchants

  • Getting an additional sales channel;
  • Increase customer loyalty;
  • Increasing awareness of your online store products;
  • Getting additional traffic to the site;
  • Increase of the position of the site in search results;
  • Increase of percentage of conversion to purchase;
  • Increase of the number of repeated sales;
  • Increase of the interest level of your clients;
  • Maintaining the image of the company;
  • Regular updates;
  • Easy installation;
  • 24/7 online support for blog-related issues.


  • A full-fledged blog with stories on the pages of your online store;
  • Search by blog;
  • Ability to divide blog articles into categories;
  • Ability to add tags to blog articles;
  • RSS Blog;
  • Changing the look of the blog to choose from;
  • Lazy loading of all blog images;
  • The author of your blog can be both customers and administrators;
  • Users can subscribe to any author they like;
  • Add comments to bot-protected articles;
  • Users can leave likes to their favorite articles;
  • Users can rate the article: mark whether it was useful or not;
  • Displaying blog information in the client's dashboard: subscriptions, comments, posts, blog information;
  • Ability to change blog settings in the admin panel;
  • SEO support (the ability to fill in meta tags for articles by the administrator);
  • The presence of micro-markup and Open Graph for good indexing of blog pages;
  • Quick installation.