Ew Marketplace Module for CMS PrestaShop

#marketplace creation

Developed for CMS
Compatible with versions
1.7.0 - 1.7.8
Last update
The "Ew Marketplace" module will allow you to create a real marketplace based on your own online store. Any customer who wants to sell on your site can become a seller on it.
The cost of a license for
using 1 product
167,99 €

Benefits for Merchants

  • Creating a full-fledged trading platform with a large number of sellers;
  • Any interested buyer can become a seller on your site;
  • Expanding your catalog with products from other sellers;
  • The ability to quickly place products and update balances by sellers using CSV or Excel files;
  • Convenient admin panel, both for the administrator and for sellers;
  • Manage commission percentages for each seller or set a single commission percentage for all sellers at once;
  • Full control over the sellers by the site administrator;
  • Easy management of all possible functions of the marketplace without knowledge of the program code;
  • Notification system for all participants of the marketplace;
  • The ability to communicate between all participants of the marketplace;
  • Full control over transactions and income and expenses, both for the seller and the administrator;
  • Blog for the seller;
  • Attracting new customers;
  • Increase in the percentage of conversion to purchase;
  • Expanding the functionality of your store;
  • Simplicity and simplicity


  • In the admin panel of the site administrator, three new items will appear: "Marketplace", "Sellers" and " Seller's blog»;
  • The administrator of the marketplace will receive notifications about all the events of the marketplace in the admin panel;
  • The administrator will receive notifications by e-mail about all events in the marketplace;
  • The administrator can accept and reject applications from customers who want to become sellers;
  • The administrator can manage the sellers ' products (also approve or reject them);
  • The administrator can set a single percentage of the commission on the sale of goods for all sellers or make it different for each of them;
  • The administrator also moderates reviews and updates the seller's rating;
  • The administrator has full access to view orders;
  • The administrator has the rights to view messages between buyers and sellers;
  • The administrator has complete information about the turnover of the marketplace funds;
  • The administrator can provide the saz seller with several ways to withdraw funds;
  • The administrator manages requests for withdrawal of funds from sellers;
  • The administrator can notify sellers about changes in the work of the marketplace using the"Blog for sellers".
  • Features of the "EwMarketplace" module for sellers:
  • Sellers have their own admin panel;
  • Sellers can upload products with characteristics and combinations;
  • Sellers can take advantage of easy loading of products and updating of balances using CSV or Excel files.;
  • Sellers have access to the full statistics of their account in the admin panel;
  • Sellers will receive notifications about orders and other events in the marketplace by e-mail;
  • Sellers can edit their profile using a special item in the admin panel;
  • Sellers have the opportunity to correspond with buyers on the site platform in the admin panel;
  • Sellers can track all their orders in the admin panel;
  • Sellers can see all their transactions in the admin panel;
  • Sellers can choose the method of withdrawal of funds;
  • Sellers can independently add and remove personnel in the admin panel, as well as monitor their actions and restrict access;
  • Sellers have a store card with products, contacts and subscribers, which is visible to all users of the marketplace;
  • Sellers also have a seller card with contacts, reviews and subscribers, which is visible to all users of the marketplace;
  • Information about the store will be displayed in the product card;
  • An additional tab will appear in the merchant's personal account: "Merchant Account»;
  • Sellers will also have their own news, which will be covered in the "blog for sellers" section and on the main page.
  • Features of the "EwMarketplace" module for customers:
  • Each customer can register as a seller;
  • Additional items will appear in the client's personal account: "Become a seller", "Messages" and " Subscriptions»;
  • Customers have the opportunity to view information about the store in the product card;
  • Buyers have the ability to view the seller's profile;
  • Customers can also view the store's page;
  • Buyers see the seller's rating and reviews;
  • Buyers can rate the seller and leave reviews that will be displayed on his page;
  • Buyers can contact the seller;
  • Customers can subscribe to the seller or store and follow its new products;
  • Customers can view the entire range of the store they like on their page;
  • Customers receive notifications about orders;
  • The buyer can view all the stores in the marketplace on a separate page.

Benefits for customers

  • Advanced personal account with additional features;
  • A large selection of products and the ability to buy completely different products on the same site;
  • View sellers who sell their products on the marketplace;
  • Ability to subscribe to your favorite stores;
  • Get full information about the seller and the store on special pages;
  • View the rating and comments about the seller;
  • Ability to contact the seller directly;
  • Ability to register as a seller.
  • Easy and fast registration;
  • Own admin panel with full analytics and detailed information about sales, customers, and marketplace events;
  • Entering the market sector with minimal investment;
  • Competitive analysis capability;
  • Access to a large number of potential customers;
  • Seamless export of products using CSV or Excel files.