Light checkout & Buy now Module for CMS PrestaShop

Express Checkout Process

Developed for CMS
Compatible with versions - 1.7.8
Last update
The "Light checkout & Buy now" module will allow your customers to quickly, conveniently and hassle-free place an order, and this can be done directly from the product card.
The cost of a license for
using 1 product
55,20 €


  • Expanding the functionality of your store
  • Providing a fast and convenient way to checkout for customers
  • Increasing the percentage of conversion to order
  • Increase the number of loyal customers
  • Automatic appearance of the Buy Now button in all product cards
  • Sophisticated checkout page design
  • Easy module installation
  • Ease of use
  • Minimum number of settings, standalone module operation
  • Regular updates
  • Quality technical support
  • Getting complete documentation
  • Display of all the necessary information for the most simple and convenient checkout on one page
  • Automatic appearance of the "Buy now" button in the cards of all products in your store
  • The appearance of the right site bar after clicking the "Buy now" button, with which the buyer can quickly place an order without going to the cart
  • Possibility to place a guest order only with the buyer's e-mail
  • Ability to login or register using third-party services (such as Google, Facebook, Yandex and Vkontakte)
  • Simplified process of adding and choosing an address
  • More pleasant and user-friendly view of addresses
  • Output of payment and shipping methods data is left the same for better integration of third-party modules
  • Compatible with almost all payment and delivery modules
  • Displaying cart summary during checkout
  • Possibility to change the number of units in an order during the checkout process
  • Anchored right site bar during checkout with order summary
  • The minimum number of settings and autonomous operation of the module
  • Good adaptability for all mobile devices and tablets
  • Well-thought-out interface with fast content loading