Pre-Order Module for CMS PrestaShop

#registration & ordering process

Developed for CMS
Compatible with versions - 1.7.8
Last update
The "Pre-order goods" module will allow your customers to order goods that are out of stock for some reason. To do this, customers just need to click the pre-order button on the product they like and fill out a form with contact information.
The cost of a license for
using 1 product
55,20 €

Benefits for Merchants

  • Expanding the functionality of your store;
  • Ability to create a page with products for pre-order;
  • Creation and addition of individual products to the pre-order page;
  • Automatic appearance of the pre-order button in the product card that is out of stock;
  • Selection of categories, products of which will be available for pre-order;
  • Receiving notifications about pre-ordering goods;
  • Easy installation of the module;
  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • Regular updates;
  • Free high-quality technical support for the first 3 months after purchase;
  • Obtaining complete documentation.


  • Automatic appearance of the pre-order button in the product card that is out of stock;
  • To pre-order a product, a form will appear in front of buyers where they will need to leave their contact information;
  • The ability to create a separate page with products for pre-order;
  • Adding a description and products for the pre-order page;
  • Adding a "pre-order" item in the admin panel;
  • The appearance of notifications about the pre-order of goods in the administrative panel;
  • Receiving notifications about pre-order of goods by email by sellers and buyers;
  • A separate page for pre-ordering goods in the administrative panel;
  • Detailed view of the data of the customer who made a pre-order;
  • Selection of categories of goods participating in the pre-order;
  • Possibility of self-pre-ordering of goods for the buyer who called by phone.

Benefits for customers

  • Ability to pre-order a new product that has not yet gone on sale;
  • Ability to pre-order a product that is not in stock;
  • The ability to pre-order the product not only in the online store, but also by phone with the help of the online store manager;
  • Customers can view all the necessary information about the product before making a pre-order (photo, description, characteristics and attributes, and so on);
  • Receive notifications about the status of products on pre-order by email.