Login and registration by phone number Module for CMS PrestaShop


Developed for CMS
Compatible with versions
1.7.0 - 1.7.8
Last update
The module "Login and registration by phone number" will allow your customers to easily register or enter their personal account using their mobile phone number. To do this, they need to enter the received code from the SMS.
The cost of a license for
using 1 product
55,20 €

Benefits for Merchants

  • Increasing the level of user confidence;
  • Increasing the conversion of an online store due to the emergence of a convenient way to enter your personal account and quick registration;
  • Fast and easy customer registration using a phone number;
  • Minimizing the risk of registering a fake user;
  • The ability to enter your personal account using e-mail (for old users);
  • Order status notification by SMS;
  • The ability to enter and reset the password by phone number;
  • Fast order processing by the online store due to the previously confirmed customer data;
  • Expanding the functionality of your store;
  • Easy installation of the module;
  • Flexible settings;
  • Thoughtful design;
  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • Regular updates;
  • Free high-quality technical support for the first 3 months after purchase;
  • Obtaining complete documentation.


  • Authorization by phone number;
  • Possibility of authorization by e-mail for previously registered users;
  • Registration and confirmation of the phone number by SMS;
  • Ability to disable confirmation of the phone number by SMS;
  • Password recovery by phone number;
  • The ability to block an order if the buyer's phone number is not confirmed;
  • The appearance of an information banner in front of the client, if the order status is not confirmed;
  • Automatic filling of the phone number in the user's address;
  • Sending order status by SMS;
  • Selecting the country to change the prefix of the phone number;
  • Appearance of a mask in the "Phone" field for each country;
  • Integration with SMS sending services;
  • The appearance in the administrative panel of the field confirming the phone number for users;
  • Possibility to select the position of the "Phone" field in the registration form;
  • Ability to determine the number of characters in the code sent by SMS;
  • The ability to log errors by the administrator;

Benefits for customers

  • The ability to quickly and easily register and enter your personal account;
  • The ability to quickly change the password if the client cannot remember the initial password;
  • Automatic filling of the phone number in the address (in the personal account);
  • Getting quick feedback;
  • The ability for previously registered customers to enter the old form without changing any data.